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“Would you like to have your own unique piece?

Design your airplane trolley according to your wishes! "



To make the airplane trolley even more personal,

We offer you a special service:

CeeVee will create a completely new design for you on request.

There are so many reasons for this ... But the most important thing: This is YOUR work of art, made for YOU and nobody else! So you have a trolley that suits you and reflects who you are and that is guaranteed to be something special.


Would you like to attract attention with your brand, your logo or your company? Or give your wedding or vacation photos a very special place?

Then put together your own made-to-measure trolley! Everything is possible!

Custom-made trolleys are the perfect gift to present to your friends, parents or co-workers.


Step out of the crowd and design your own eye-catcher with us.


Not sure where to start?

No problem, we are only at your side! We take the time to fully understand your requirements, advise you and make sure your order is delivered on the requested time frame.


As always with custom-made products; the possibilities are endless, but details are required to generate quotes and calculate delivery times. If you have a concern, please try to tell us as clearly as possible (if possible, attach drawings, pictures) what you are looking for.


We not only manufacture the aircraft trolleys according to your own wishes,

but also the plexiglass inserts.


Are you ready to take off?

Then we look forward to your inquiry!



A certificate of authenticity is included.

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