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“We are Noboringo and this is our story…!” 

"How awesome would it be if the trolley had a creative design?"

This was our first thought when we sat in a small café in Antwerp in 2015 and saw an

beautiful "unprocessed" boring trolley converted into a cutlery box. 

Not only a new business idea, but also a new company based in Groningen (Netherlands)

was born. 

The only thing we were missing was an original name for our newborn company. 

Because we didn't want to manufacture boring products, so the decision was made quickly:

Noboringo, which stands for No Boring Originals. 

A short time later we had the first airplane trolley with our own designs ready!

"Time flies when ideas take off!"

In the meantime, after we sold hundreds of airplane trolleys we also started transforming other objects into our own style. 

We still have so many great ideas and will continue to surprise you with our creativity.

So keep an eye on us! ;-)

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